Loopz.io is a company providing the mobile payments and plastic gift cards solutions for businesses or events.

Loopz.io team was challenged with the Java and .NET integration when working on the card printing Java based automate workflow system for processing new customers.

The .NET SDK printer needed to be fully controlled from Java application as if it was used natively from .NET.

The requirement was to achieve a safe, reliable and quick communication between the Java and .NET that would not be subjected to any type of interruption or unexpected malfunctioning.

It was crucial that the integration development does not consume excessive amount of time and resources.

The full control of the C# based SDK Fargo HDP 5000 plastic cards printer and the use of all of it’s features from Java application was possible with Javonet native integration solution.

Loopz.io development team after the unsuccessful evaluation of alternative solutions has quickly identified the advantage of Javonet.

Our native integration component allowed Loopz.io team to save over 4 months of the development. The important factors were the flat learning curve of the product and accessible broad documentation.

Javonet allowed for seamless communication between the .NET SDK printer and the Java application.

“We explored other tools to interact with C# from Java and found them to be either not mature enough or simply not functional. Javonet was the only tool on the market that we found to be working for us.”

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