Javonet is available in 3 different plans -
each of them satisfies the needs of different users


Academic &
research projects


* ok, we ask for university & project summary

  • Classes - Unlimited
  • Calls - Unlimited
  • Access to updates
    & bug fixes
  • Support via Email
    or Stackoverflow

Enterprise & OEM projects
with 70+ machines

Starting at $10k

per year / billed annually
*adjustable to the size of the integration

  • Machines - Unlimited!
  • Classes - Unlimited!
  • Calls - Unlimited!
  • Rights to distribute Javonet based solution to external customers (Enterprise license covers unlimited number of end-user machines)
  • Build Time License Activation -
    No license check. Your final solution works infinitely!
  • Access to updates
    & bug fixes
  • Option to request source code escrow
  • Support via Email
    or Stackoverflow,
    Online Meetings or Phone
  • 24/7 Support
    for critical issues
  • On demand development services
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Javonet solution is adjustable to the size of your project for optimal integration cost!

Contact us to compare the different development costs with Javonet.