Smart Coders Case Study

Smart Coders is a Polish software house company that accomplished different projects for the companies coming from all over the world. One of the challenges they faced in their work was the need for reliable and efficient integration between Java and .NET.

The task assumed providing the HTTP interface to the service that was developed in Java. Based on the Dropwizard framework (which allows for creating web services), their solution was intended to retrieve the information from a proprietary service based on .NET framework.

There was a .NET library provided as an interface. The time for the project was limited and was a critical factor.

The solution that was created allowed for polling the proprietary service using the .NET library provided in a way that was no different from calling the native Java package.

The team was considering different options for the integration purposes (e.g. developing the custom integration based on JNI) however the Javonet was the easiest and the quickest to be used even without any previous knowledge about the product. They managed to integrate the .NET library in less than 30 minutes and the production version of the solution has taken at most the couple of hours.

Effort consumed was comparable to implementing solution having the library for target service available in Java.

On the other hand the JNI based integration approach would require much more time of development and imply significant risk of underestimation.

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