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See How Java Point Of Sales Application Uses .NET Based Mobile Payment Device

Stratus is the IT company that takes the complexity out of implementing and maintaining business critical applications running 24/7. Their technologies proactively prevent instances of unplanned downtime both in the data center and at the edge.

Stratus has gained the trust of the Global 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized businesses from different industries.

Implementing the innovative payment platform for tablet devices using Anywhere Commerce “Walker” credit card readers based on audio jack connection, Stratus faced a challenge of utilizing the purely .NET UWP SDK dedicated for modern native Windows Store applications from Java SE 8.

The seemingly impossible to implement task became feasible with Javonet solution.


The full integration of .NET (C#) based payment cards reader’s SDK with Java SE 8 was possible to achieve in the reasonable time frame with the Javonet native integration technology.

Javonet not only allowed to easily access and use all the features of Anywhere Commerce Walker SDK but also resolved the challenges of initializing Unified Windows Platform API from Java application.

According to Stratus development team if it has not been for Javonet solution the accomplishment of the integration would have taken about year of development.

Javonet integration preserved highest performance and offered ease of usage.

According to the Stratus representatives the native integration technology provided by Javonet has proved its advantage over all the alternative approaches evaluated by their team.

The created by Stratus team solution is being now successfully utilized by hundreds of customers.

“We tried other several options without good results, Javonet works since the first time!”

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