Adaptris picks Javonet for loading .NET libraries in Java

  • Date: 2015/08/10
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We are happy to announce that Adaptris development team has chosen Javonet for the integration task of loading .NET libraries in Java.

Adaptris main focus is to simplify integration for thousands of businesses seeking efficiencies, especially in their supply chains. They have done it for more than fifteen years across the globe, and within several key industries.

Adaptris about themselfs: “Our approach sets us apart: We blend deep expertise with highly flexible iPaaS and data exchange technology to bolster your business — cost effectively and fast, in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid environment.”

Javonet has time proved one more how it can fit into most demanding integration scenarios of using .NET in Java and support enterprise solutions.

Feeling honored with Adaptris decision we are looking forward to further cooperatation with the great Adaptris team.