Clarifire (eMASON, Inc.) – Leader In Business Process Automation Joins Javonet Customers


We are glad to publish an information about Clarifire company that found Javonet a perfect solution for their interoperability issues.

Clarifire products address directly it’s customers’ business process automation issues. Clarifire started when Jane Mason supported by programmers of her previous comapny, created a process automation software that successfully managed the processes in which her previous comapany got mired in.

The success of the product resulted in further interest of other companies.


Armed with the versatile CLARIFIRE product line, process-centric enterprises are empowered to automate workflow, optimize processes and bypass competitors who are slow to modernize. Offering Web-based Software-as-a-Service solutions that range from a la carte “accessories” to comprehensive, customized instances of the CLARIFIRE application, Clarifire delivers timeless workflow automation that is truly “brighter.”