Gladstone UCSF

Gladstone Institutes UCSF – Case Study


Gladstone Institutes is an independent and nonprofit biomedical research organization whose focus is to better understand, prevent, treat and cure cardiovascular, viral and neurological conditions such as heart failure, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease.

The challenge they faced was lack of experience integrating .dll files into existing Java code bases and controlling 3rd party hardware. The hardware mentioned was a multi-axis robotic arms (PAA KinEDx).

Javonet has been tested by project’s team and proved to allow for the instant access of .NET methods from Java

Although there has been little experience regarding the product that was integrated (the robotic arm) the project was successful due to the ease of use of Javonet and it’s native integration capabilities.

Very good documentation allowed for achieving the required result in a very short time.

With Javonet it was possible to immediately connect and control the robotic arm using the .dll file provided by the manufacturer and deliver an easy interface to integrate the call structure of the hardware with the Java class designed for the needs of the project.

“Javonet’s clear, concise documentation led to a quick, easy integration and immediate success for my project.”
~ Elliot Mount – Gladstone Institutes UCSF

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