Where can Javonet be used?


Javonet is today the worldwide leading native integration technology between C++/COM/C# and Java.

The solution is trusted and used in many companies within many different sector industries where high availability, reliability and performance are required for critical projects.
Our customers recognize Javonet for its performance especially in those implementations where the quickest exchange of the data is crucial.

Main question we get is how Javonet relates to web services. Answering that it is important to treat Javonet not like counterpart or replacement of web services but solution for all those cases where web service technologies are not applicable due to performance restrictions (Javonet is 1000x faster), user experience restrictions (exposed drivers or backend modules must be a part of the same application) and technical restrictions like sharing UI components impossible with web service.

What are the usual use cases in which Javonet is being applied?
We have identified three general groups of implementation scenarios:

  • Physical devices – Javonet has been applied many times to communicate successfully with the .NET based SDKs of external devices from Java applications. Javonet allows here for the native communication performance where real time data processing is a must. It includes the devices like robotic arms, liquid handling laboratory robots, car ECUs, oil drilling sensors, plastic card printers, assembly line quality check professional devices etc. It is being used by end consumers for accessing critical device as well as by vendors of those devices to reduce the costs of implementing the drivers and reuse single code base for all platforms.


  • UI Controls – the UI Controls vendors claimed Javonet as the only one solution that allows them to double their market capacity by exposing
    their already existing .NET or Java UI controls to the other technology preserving the same native performance and the way the controls are functioning. No changes to controls codebase, documentation or the existing implementation instructions are needed!


  • Integrations – More globally, Javonet is the only one solution on the market that allows for achieving the native performance when integrating two systems that have been built in two different technologies (Java and .NET) in a very short time and with lowest cost (some companies reported they have decreased integration development costs by up to 90%). Either if this is the internal project or the product distributed to the customers, Javonet technology allows for shortening the time to market of the project (it can be cut from months or years to weeks!) and emerges today as a new powerful and incomparably performant alternative solution to any other integration options like Webservices, custom native wrappers or COM objects.

We are very proud that Javonet is used and evaluated by over 1500 different companies in either commercial implementations or academic projects. We also received strong positive feedback for the support level provided by our development team, the ease of use and flat learning curve.

So let’s start to use and enjoy Javonet Technology in your integration projects and discover the new possibilities! Now it is possible…