Javonet grows 60% yearly!


We grow 60% yearly!

We are happy to share with you our recent statistics which confirm our growth.

Every year we work hard to improve our results and educate the companies and developers about our product and the improvement it can bring to their projects.  We managed to achieve very good results helping other companies in accomplishing what seemed to be impossible.

Our revenue from the sold licenses is growing 60% YOY since the year 2014. This means that the number of projects where Javonet has proved it’s efficiency and reliability is growing constantly.

We are very proud to reveal that we have already over 1400 users of Javonet who accomplish amazing interoperability tasks with our solution.

There are 12 reputable universities that are accomplishing fantastic projects with Javonet with their Academic licenses. Academic environment is a very important field for us as their interest proves that the native integration solution we have developed satisfies the strict academic requirements and is based on strong not only practical but also theoretical fundamentals.

Javonet is today the worldwide leading native integration technology vendor between C++/COM, .NET and Java. Many customers within different sector industries use and trust Javonet technology especially to integrate their .NET or C++/COM systems with other Java based modules like libraries with computation algorithms, libraries to import/export or process data, share UI controls, expose SDKs, drivers or just integrate preserving highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability, security and seamless experience for Java developers.

Javonet Team