Javonet is now provided in Component-as-a-Service model!


We receive a lot of great feedback and endorsements from technical perspective. Therefore with further dynamic development of the product, including the upcoming .NET to Java integration we decided to focus also on efforts to satisfy even more the business side. Taking into account the requirements of our customers, evaluators and variety of your projects, we decided to modify the Javonet pricing level to be more aligned with the size of your integrations instead of the size of productive environments or operating system type and planned usage scenario.

The main goal was not only to simplify the understanding which license you will need but also to remove the higher entry costs, sometimes blocking for smaller projects. Now we lowered the costs and distributed the investment evenly through the lifecycle of your solution. In this way we can offer easily manageable, lower and predictive monthly or yearly fees that can be adjusted to the number of target objects from opposite technology that you need to access. It guarantees that the cost of Javonet is significantly below the costs of any alternative approach and especially below the costs of custom development.

Whatever approach you consider like building WebServices layer over thousands of methods on the APIs you need to access, building custom native integrations or rewriting the entire modules to other technology the custom development efforts in average project usually floats around 2-5 full time employees connected with much more development time needed, risk of delays and risk of costs explosion. Whereas using Javonet in CaaS model you get concrete flat costs below the price of 0.5 full time employee, dramatically shorter time to market (weeks instead of months), guaranteed reliability and no risk.

Subscription based model allows us also to provide highest quality of technical support and guarantee that each project is supported by our experts team as long as Javonet is being used. That let us continuously gather your feedback and implement new features and further improvements making sure that Javonet stays the fastest, most reliable, most cost effective and powerful integration solution for .NET and Java in your current and future projects.

Now you can subscribe to Javonet License for one machine during the PoC and scale the solution as your project grows. The Javonet licenses can be used as long as the subscription is active.

Check the several subscriptions below to find out which is the most aligned to your requirements:

Academic license

Use the Javonet Academic License and benefit the fully operational version of the solution for your academic project with no limitations and free of any charges. Details of the academic project and university are required to activate the license.

Beginner license

Use the Javonet Beginner License for small integrations, many times private/internal projects or single implementations. Access up to 10 classes and use unlimited calls in your code. The license is billed monthly per machine. Single license type can be used for any usage (DEV, TEST, PROD) and any operating system type.

Professional license

Use the Javonet Professional License for professional business integrations and implementations. Integrate Javonet in your product and distribute it to your external customers. No limits on number of classes or calls. The license is billed annually per machine. Single license type can be used for any usage (DEV, TEST, PROD) and any operating system type.

To guarantee lowest risk, the full source code escrow can be requested as additional option.

Enterprise license

Use the the Javonet Enterprise License for business integrations and implementations. Create and use any number of classes and calls without any limitation and distribute your product with Javonet to unlimited number of customers (target machines). Single license type can be used for any usage (DEV, TEST, PROD) and any operating system type. The Enterprise license is adapted for projects where the product needs to be distributed to significant number of end-customers. The license is billed annually as flat cost regardless the number of target machines. The cost level can be adjusted to the size of your integration applying the limits on number of classes that will be used, number of projects or binding to particular libraries that will be accessible.

To guarantee lowest risk, the full source code escrow can be requested as additional option.

All the details regarding the licensing are available in Pricing section on Javonet website. Choose the option that would best fit your scenario and start to use Javonet in your project. What was impossible before becomes today possible with Javonet solution!
Check the Javonet pricing page:

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