Javonet Officially Enters Microservices World

Javonet technology enters officially the microservices universe. Working constantly on our product development we identify incredible fields where the native cross-technology integration can support the progress in current trends of software development.

It became obvious that microservices is one of those fields where Javonet can unleash its potential.

Let’s start with basic concept …

The key characteristics of good microservices platform are:

  • Scalability: flexible way of multiplying and distributing the instance of the services
  • Reliability: guarantee highest availability of the hosted services, easy upgrades, hot re-deploys and requests consistency
  • Decentralized Governance: enabling developers teams to choose preferred languages and technology stacks they use to build their services
  • Evolutionary contracts: support the unified endpoints that allow services to extend or contract their interfaces without breaking other services not affected by changes in the interface
  • High performance: high performance communication channels between the services within the platform and for the external clients
  • Zero downtime deployment: simple way to promote compiled and verified services packages between environments without the need to stop other services or stop processing requests
  • Decentralized Data Management: having each microservice label and handle data differently.
Source: http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html

Source: http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html

Having this in place and moving from monolith architecture to microservices we can expect following benefits:

  • Smaller code base
  • More scalable application with smaller teams
  • Much simplified way of introducing change due to higher modularity
  • Easier access to IT specialists due to wider range of possible technology stacks more adjusted to particular module

Microservices world is mostly about high performance, cross-technology support, universality of access and reliability, which stays in line with the key benefits of using Javonet.

Therefore we officially start our cooperation with the great team from JLupin Software Studio company that delivers robust and comprehensive application server dedicated for building SOA and microservices middleware called JLupin Next Server (JLNS).

JLupin Next Server is an amazing application server technology for enterprise solutions that covers most of the needs defined by good microservices architecture out-of-the box:

  • Extreme performance
  • Zero downtime deployments
  • Built-in JVM and .NET CLR multicontainer approach
  • Simplified & scalable architecture
  • Highest availability of microservices and SOA services.

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The outcome of our allied forces is the extension of JLupin platform for .NET technology stack. Now all the benefits of the JLupin platform available only for Java developers so far has been extended for .NET community.


Javonet extends the capabilities of JLupin Next Server platform making it a unique solution on the market that allows to host any .NET and/or Java based services that can easily interact between each other and become accessible through XML, JSON or Binary synchronous and asynchronous protocols by just copying the JAR or DLL packages to the application folder on JLupin Next Server.

The solution completely removes the need to use any other applications servers like Tomcat, Apache, JBoss or IIS saving a lot of time in custom development of universal access endpoints like JAX-WS, WCF, RESTs or others and therefore decreases also the costs and time of deployments and maintenance.

Each application hosted on JLupin Next Server is a simple set of JARs or DLLs where the exposure of implemented public objects and methods for external consumers is based only on registering those types in IoC container like Spring or Microsoft Unity.

Learn more about JLNS

Once you deploy your microservice or SOA service application on JLNS platform you get the guarantee that it will provide the highest availability, will be accessible for external and internal consumers through various technology independent protocols, will provide scalability, reliability and hot redeployments and with Javonet extension supports heterogeneous technology stacks.

I hope we got your curiosity so feel free to browse more details within our new Javonet extensions section and check our step by step guide how to expose .NET application on JLupin Next Server platform in Javonet tutorials tab.

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Don’t forget to try it yourself with JLupin Next Server Community Edition and Javonet Free Trial:

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