Why Javonet simplifies resourcing in your project?


Javonet brings the benefits on every stage of the IT project development process. As early as on the planning phase of the development Javonet can immediately provide the certain advantage to the project.

The native integration between Java and .NET developed with Javonet significantly reduces the resources that are required to accomplish it. The Javonet integration can be compared to alternative ways of dealing with the Java and .NET interoperability like rewriting the whole code from one programming technology to the other or developing custom native wrappers or using the web services.

This comparison has been depicted on the below graph based on the effort required to accomplish the integration. We have divided every alternative into the effort categories which cover the real areas of each of the interoperability solutions. Among them we have identified Java coding effort .NET coding effort, C++ coding effort (in case of custom developed native wrappers), Testing effort, documentation writing effort and finally the effort required to deploy the ready solution. As shown on the graph, Javonet requires the least effort compared to the other ways of integrating Java and .NET.

The alternative ways utilize different talent in order to be accomplished. To successfully integrate Java and .NET using the alternative approaches will force the usage of the .NET, Java and C++ teams (i.e. to create a custom native wrapper) or additionally server administrators to setup and maintain the server environment like IIS for the web service.

Integration with Javonet oppositely can be successfully accomplished solely with the team that is working on the particular application (either .NET or Java) without the support of any other kinds of specialists. We have identified that invoking any method from the other technology (i.e. invoking Java method from .NET) requires in general the same amount of the effort from the developer as invoking the method from the libraries of the same technology. The effort needed to invoke the method from other technology with Javonet can be compared as the ratio of 1:1,2 where the small overhead is put aside for the Javonet activation or copying the Javonet library to the project’s folder, which in fact takes few seconds.

Above mentioned advantages bring of course further benefits when it comes to the areas like maintenance of the code, transitioning between environments or the cost of the change. These areas will be covered in our future posts.