Javonet Supporting The Energy Industry


Javonet the C++/COM/C# .NET and Java integration technology is present in oil and gas and energy industry supporting the biggest companies in the integration projects all over the world. Our technology has been implemented in various projects from oil drilling sensors real time data exchange to smart grids control systems. Below we list several usage scenarios from this industry’s portfolio.

In the oil and gas industry Javonet has been implemented in Santinel RT systems that allowed for exchanging the data between the drilling sensors based on .NET SDK with Java system that gathered and controlled the transferred parameters allowing for more performant drilling and failure prevention. The project required the ultra fast and reliable real time processing of the information transferred from the sensors which was then analyzed with the with the AI algorithms based on Java technology for the purpose of invalid readings discovery. Developed solutions were vastly utilized by Apache Corporation on the shale gas rigs in the USA.

Javonet has also been successfully applied in the smart grids control systems where it allowed for efficient, quick (up to 250 000 calls per second) and reliable data transfers enhancing the performance of the system.

Our integration solution was applied in the enhanced power plants monitoring solution for the purpose of data gathering and presentation on the system’s control dashboards.

Javonet is today the worldwide leading native integration technology vendor between C++/COM, .NET and Java. Many customers within different sector industries use and trust Javonet technology especially to integrate their .NET or C++/COM systems with other Java based modules like libraries with computation algorithms, libraries to import/export or process data, share UI controls, expose SDKs, drivers or just integrate preserving highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability, security and seamless experience for Java developers.