Javonet Virtual Lab Revealed – Learn How To Use .NET from Java Online


It was very important for us to provide the fastest and most convenient way for testing Javonet, so the developers interested in using .NET libraries from Java could check our product in practice and verify against their needs. In addition to existing free trial we have now published Javonet Virtual Lab. The Lab allows every developer testing Javonet on real-live examples in the web browser, with no need to even download a demo version or start new projects in their enviroments.

Javonet Virtual Lab is composed of code examples that represent all the scenarios described in Quick Start Guide. While exploring Quick Start Guide section, you can immediately see the live examples of the code in Javonet Virtual Lab. Virtual Lab enables you to compile the code on-line in the browser for both .NET and Java side and immediately see the results of your actions. This is a great tool not only to learn Javonet semantics and functionality, but also to play with your own code for both .NET and Java and test it or analyze.

Javonet Virtual Lab is divided into two windows. Left window contains .NET code and the right window contains Java code. The .NET code is fully available from Java side, so you can easily play with it and make necessary tests. In Java window you can see how to use any particular .NET class, method field, property or event from Java. Learning the our robust API syntax you will get free and unlimited access to .NET world from your Java projects.

We have added a great functionality that enables you to copy a URL to your session in which you are currently working, so you can share it with your mates. Any changes done to the code will be available to your peers. This will make it easier to share comments and tests or ask questions supported by the code.

integrating Java with .NET

Javonet Live Lab compiler shows the console output of the code implemented so you can see your output easily. Once the code is compiled, you can run it as many times as want.

C# from Java
We encourage you to explore all the predefined examples of Javonet code, which include the crucial elements of the Javonet API. If there is a need to test some ideas or if you need to check how Javonet would work with particular part of .NET code, just paste the .NET code to the .NET window and access it from Java immediately. If you will find it difficult to resolve any issue there might appear, don’t hesitate to contact us pasting your session URL.

Go now to the http://lab.javonet.com and check it yourself!