MINOR UPDATE: Javonet 1.4hf29 Released


We are happy to announce that the new Javonet 1.4hf29 has been released and is available for download.

In this release we have moved further in the new support for hardware dongle keys. Now you can request universal pre-activate license file that can be embedded with your application and distribute the application with new hardware keys without updating the license file.

Additionally the possibility to load .NET DLLs in your Java application from byte array has been improved to properly handle the dependency libraries. Loading DLLs from byte array allows you to embedded .NET DLLs in your JAR file and load them during runtime without showing them to end-user. In this way .NET usage is completely hidden from your end-user. Solution can be used also in runnable JARs. Read more in updated user gui

Here is sumary of key changes introduced in this release:

– Fix for using custom license directory when running Javonet with Java 1.6
– Update to hardware dongles allowing to issue new hardware keys without updating pre-activated license key
– Extended mechanism for loading .NET dlls from byte array to support libraries with dependencies in other DLL files

We recommend updating the Javonet JAR reference in your projects to latest Javonet release.

New version can be obtained from our download section:

More details about version history you can find at:

With each release we strive to make Javonet better, faster and easier to use in your day to day development tasks. We closely listen to all your suggestions and without your support we wouldn’t be able to create so great product.