How Javonet waives the TPC (Third Party Component) impact on business continuity


Javonet allows for seamless integration of Java and .NET in many different industries and scenarios (gas and oil, banking, automotive, defense etc). Since our technology has been introduced to the market it has been used in many different implementations by the biggest companies in the world.

The ultimate reliability of our component is the reason for implementing it in the most crucial parts of the systems owned by our customers who represent the most security sensitive industries (like defense, banking, manufacturing or healthcare).

Therefore we need to address the concerns about the business continuity when it comes to the third party components that are used in the most crucial company’s systems. We address these issues with the particular solutions that allow for guaranteed business continuity and availability of our component.

Guaranteed availability of the Javonet integration component in the production environment

Javonet will not stop working in your production environment. The compile-time activation allows for license verification at the compile time of your solution. Once your solution implementing Javonet is compiled and deployed to production our component will not perform any calls for license verification purposes. This guarantees that your ready system will not stop its operations due to the license expiry issues.

180 days license expiry grace period for Javonet license

For the built servers where Javonet is used in the compile-time activation mode we guarantee the 180 days grace period. In case of the license expiry, Javonet will work for another 180 days.

Javonet code Escrow

The Enterprise license comes with the code Escrow option which efficiently protects your company from Javonet being put out of business. The escrow agreement confirmed by the reliable third party entity will give your company the access to the source code of Javonet (with activation process removed) in case Javonet company stops its operations.