TU Berlin – Academic License Project


Technische Universitat Berlin has successfully integrated the .NET module responsible for the tracking of the user behavior with the .NET based SDK Intel RealSense SR300 device with their entirely Java based car window displaying system. The whole project assumes tracking the landscape and user’s field of view in order to display the information about the Point Of Interest objects that the user looks at.

Javonet offering native performance suitable for real time processing turned out to be the quickest and easiest integration technology that the team could use in order to successfully proceed with their project.

Javonet is today the worldwide leading native integration technology vendor between C++/COM, .NET and Java. Many customers within different sector industries use and trust Javonet technology especially to integrate their .NET or C++/COM systems with other Java based modules like libraries with computation algorithms, libraries to import/export or process data, share UI controls, expose SDKs, drivers or just integrate preserving highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability, security and seamless experience for Java developers.