You Are Wasting Time at Your Job!


This might sound a bit in-your-face but please do not take it personal, as we do not mean to be mean at all! On the contrary, we provide the solution that will for sure save a lot of the time that has been wasted in the integration projects where Java and .NET shall talk to each other in a seamless and efficient way!

Top 9 Reasons Why Javonet Saves Your Time:

  1. Mix .NET and Java in single project instantly without building web service or any other middle layers.
  2. Use our robust fluent API or strongly-typed wrappers generated by to cut your time to market by 90%!
  3. Communicate Java and .NET fast and reliably by achieving up to 250 000 calls per second.
  4. Don’t waste time on updating all the middle layers when your dependent component changes.
  5. Don’t re-write modules you need just because they are based on other technology stack.
  6. Don’t waste time of your core teams for supporting your custom native wrappers or other in-house integration solutions.
  7. Achieve integration 1000 times faster than web services out-of-the-box.
  8. Access most complex libraries using huge set of our built-in tools including support for generic, events, delegates, dispose, UI integration, arrays, collections, structs and more!
  9. Achieve guaranteed security running integrated components within single OS process

Where to Use Javonet?

  • Access back-end components and algorithms (example: OCR, speech recognition, PDF libraries, Excel tools, optimization algorithms, healthcare imaging SDKs etc..).
  • Interact with physical devices (example: access POS devices, bar-code readers, manufacturing robots, sensors, cameras, laboratory devices and more).
  • Pull / Push data (example: call JDBC drivers from .NET workflows, access data layer components, interact with different data source).
  • Get free from Cloud PaaS technology (example: load Java package in Azure Service Fabric .NET node).
  • Embed WinForms or WPF user controls in Java AWT, Swing and JavaFX UI (example: shared .NET DICOM, CAD, Unity 3D modelling or reporting user control, SCADA dashboard component and more in Java application).

Javonet is a technology that allows to use anything from .NET directly from Java (and vice versa). This means that instead of using web services, native wrappers or other integration approaches to connect Java and .NET, you can simply take any .NET DLL and use it directly in your Java project by referencing Javonet Jar package and then adding the reference to the .NET library you want to use.

If you want to convert any .NET to pure Java package you can also try our beta cloud service which wraps the DLL in strongly-typed Java interface exposing access to all the methods and classes existing in your .NET lib. It works for back-end and UI components!

Any more time left? Please have a look at our Java and .NET guides:
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