Javonet in the defense industry.


Javonet has been successfully applied in many defense POCs and evaluations and even within production environment. Defense projects often require strong reliability, high performance and high security. We are proud that Javonet gained the trust of such companies within a sector industry where the entry barrier is very high. It proves that Javonet is recognized as a powerful and efficient technology opening new technical possibilities. It also helped to reduce significantly the time of software development from years to weeks allowing a ready to use final custom product much earlier which is not achievable with any other solution.

Javonet allows to integrate any Java, .NET or C++/COM systems with other .NET or Java based front-end or back end modules for internal or end-customer usage. With our technology any APIs, client libraries, SDKs or UI controls can be easily exposed to the opposite technology developers and systems preserving the single code base, highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability and security.

Our integration solution is being continually subjected the stress testing in either our labs and customers’ POCs, evaluations and implementations with outstanding results.
Javonet native integration technology is now used in various industries and business areas providing the best in class solution for all the integration challenges between Java and .NET. The security is guaranteed by the single OS process architecture, there is little effort required to use Javonet in any project, incomparable to any custom built integration.